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yet another sweaty day

what a lovely start of the day. I wake up and it is actually not as hot as past days have been and i am excited.
Vagina tells me about a job fair for a new steven star restaurant that is hiring and i think oh hey i should go. Of course i take forever to get ready and we walk our stank asses down town and go and apply and get interviewed
on the spot and i think that it went kinda well but who know> Afterward we go and hang out at the park (me and vagina) and we try and decide what we are going to do tonight, silk or just chill. We decide on silk (it is the one year anni) so we head back to vajay"s its about 8ish and we make some cocktails and get crunked as usual and head over. We pull up to silk and it is a little before 11 and it is poppin, yikes i don"t know if i can deal with this right now. Whatever i go in and i dont see one face that i know but i deal with it and i wait to see a familiar face. About an hour passes and still no one that i know ugh i kinda want to leave even though the music is great. Hannah and Jackie walk in (my favorite girlies), I am ready to party now! We see our friend tony by the bathroom, now we are really ready to go. Dancing, laughing, singing, deshawn, and daquan happen all in the same hour (i am in heaven). Closing time at my peak (i can't go home right now). We head back to jackies (I am actually still there and writing this at the moment(4:42)) and of course more drinks and laughter ensue but my tired ass has to go to bed so i'm signing off and i'll talk to you later