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SUNDAY MAY 25, 2008

Finally, a real day off. My only day of the work week. Slouching around the house was a must. I'd planned to do so until my phone rang or it was time to meet up with the rest of Sgt. Sass. We we're playing the Barbary, after all.

My phone rings at a quarter to five. It's SB. He's at the Vango rooftop party that I'd been considering for most of the day, if slouchiness hadn't conquered my limbs and spirit. Time to get ready for the rest of the night.

I arrive at Vango. The bouncer is surprising friendly and doesn't even card me. I go up. The crowd isn't nearly what I had anticipated at all. Which, was a relief, because new faces are vital these days. I see SB instantly. He gets the grey goose and juice poppin'. I sort of linger in the shadows to speak, destorying my grey goose and juice with gigantic gulps.

After a half a hour, we take off. Onward to Rittenhouse where Travis Trouble, Mariah Gary, and Rickory Rickulous are hanging tough. We cut up for a bit and everyone disperses. I head over to Rich Boy's where he meets me with (more) vodka and a smile. It's getting late. I should be leaving for the Barbary exactly at 9:00 PM but I drink and bullshit a bit more.

Somehow and somewhere in between, I got really drunk. Now, I normally don't do this before I perform. I thought I would this time. Make it a challenge, I suppose. We went on around a quarter after midnight. The setlist was short and sweet. "Homo Homie", "Drop Da Glass", and "Faggot Snappin'". This had to be one of my favorite shows ever. Wasted, I still killed every line! After our set, it was a done deal. Time to continue down the highway to hell.

Steven Bloodbath and DeShawn Destruction at Vango

Fresh From Philly to the Galaxy...

Baby Ian

Lil' DT

Lil' DT and KD after our ten minute rapathon.

(images by Angelo Yap)