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May. 25th, 2008

two one five skyline


SUNDAY MAY 18, 2008

I didn't want to drink five vodka and pineapples on a Sunday night. It just happened. I didn't want to exchange anymore saliva with him. It just happened. I didn't want Virginia to get pulled over by the coppers. It just happened.

Shit happens.


After having two solid nights of isolation and mental regrouping, Wednesday only seemed natural for a night on the town. The private premiere of Get Naked was a must because it featured Mariah Gary and art direction by Chris T.  Gotta love and support my art fags.

Work was slow. I was dimissed thirty minutes early. Having picked out my outfit for Wednesday the night before, I quickly shuffle to the bathroom to dress. With toiletries in hand, I freshed up as fast I could to be the fuck out.

"You look cute, hottie.",  Christine says.
"Thank you!", I reply with a huge grin.

As soon as I felt the brisk breeze of Wednesday night, I heard my name shouted in the near distance. It was Allen of Club Lifestyle. Him and a few favorites were having an evening drink or two at McGlinchey's. I go over, have a whiskey and sprite, and catch up with Allen, Amelia, and Trevor.

Time is ticking for me to get to Stir for the Get Naked premiere. I've never been to Stir. I had never even heard of it before that night. After calling Mariah Gary over and over to find this place, I am blown away by this hidden gem. Shortly after and one lager in, friends started to spill into this over looked beauty on 17th and Chancellor.

The film starts. I am wowed by how amazing the color and editing of the video is.  Everyone seems to love it, naturally. It's about 11:00 pm. I am trying to decided between the Barbary or Silk City. Sleepiness gives a kick at my eyes and I choose a venture to Woody's with Sugur Shane, Shane's boyfriend Steven, Chris T., and Nicky. We lose Chris T. and Nicky half way and gain two other homo homies. Before Woody's, we decide to give 12th Air a try. At the bar, Shane and I rap about every Remy Ma lyric and sip our ice tea drinks slowly. It's official, I am drunk and rapping a mile a minute.

We make it over to Woody's. It sucks as usual. I spy Travis Trouble upstairs. He's drunk again. This time with his hands down the back of my pants. I guess he can't resist my chocolate cupcakes. I break away to go drink downstairs more. Sugur, Steven, and I leave way before 1:00 pm. On the way to the car, I notice a lesbian in a Siouxsie shirt and I compliment her. I cuss out the other lesbians who were making fun of me complimenting her. What the fuck do they know besides BET? Exactly.

DeShawn Destruction at the Get Naked premiere.
Mariah Gary and A. Lo at the Get Naked premiere.
(photos stolen from un blog de Cristof)

two one five skyline



The day had been full of disappointments. They seemed to follow one after the other. As evening neared and the taste for more Sparks grew, Braulio Vegas, Chris T., and I start out on our pre-game adventure. Our plans for the night had been finalized just a few hours before. It was Travis Trouble's 22nd birthday. Of course we couldn't miss it.  Problem, it was only 7:00pm.

Where to go? What's on or near South Street? Right, Tattooed Mom.  We hurry to the couch in the lounge area and put in our first order of $1.00 PBR tallboys. I go straight to the jukebox. Mixing and matching everything from Clipse to Amy Winehouse to David Bowie.  Our second order of tallboys are up. Spencer drops in. He is wearing this amazing sleeveless shirt that reads Hong Kong. I think of Siouxsie Sioux and smile. He puts in his order for a whiskey drink. It gets a little rowdy and a lot gay in the lounge area.  Braulio Vegas and Chris T. continue with more tallboys. I'm really tipsy so I slow my roll, as they say.  After two whiskey drinks and about eight tallboys, our bill was only $17.00!

Erbert calls to tell me he's very close to Philadelphia. I'm excited to spend some quality time with him before he boards a plane for Germany in a few days. It could be years before I see again, I thought over and over. The guys and I make a quick beer run. I grab another black Sparks and a 40z of PBR. Chris T. is a big girl at heart and being in the mecca of Philadelphian latin culture, he couldn't resist his people's comida. We made a pit stop for food.

We ring the door bell and pass the trail of worn fagulous footwear of Travis'. There he is, birthday boy - WASTED! I spy vegan birthday cake. I grab a plate and crack open my 40z. I survey the area. There are some fresh faces and some old favorites that I hold close to my heart. Things get a bit sloppy. Liquor isn't being held easily by some. I mind my own business and hang out with my boys and old favorites. I sass it up with a few friendly fresh faces. I'm drunk now and all I want to do is dance to Santogold. Mariah Gary works his magic to make it happen. The party dwindles. Ricky Rickulous finds a Now 3 CD. Our late 90s pop meltdown erupts. The remaining head to the Travis'  tiny living room and have a scream and dance session to Aaliyah. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Travis says nighty and we scatter for sleep.

Siobhan and Michael at Travis' 22nd birthday!
(stolen from Michael's myspace)

May. 24th, 2008

two one five skyline


FRIDAY MAY 16 2008

The weekend binge. Three full (days and) nights of sinful activites. Man, doesn't Monday morning suck. Well, clean it up because The Jang House is in nine hours!

Last weekend's festivities began with some black Sparks, cheap 40z, and quality time with my best friend, Rickory Rickulous. What to do? There were so many people to see and a few parties to be spotted at. I had my heart set on Making Time. You know the 8th year anniversary was going to be poppin'. No questions asked. Game plan - we go to a small get-together on 10th and South Street and then I meet up with a handful of favorites and head over to Pure for Making Time. Done deal.

Rickory and I stop by my girlfriend, Christine's, to pick her and her friends up. We walk a whole block to add four more to our posse of fun. Ending a whole three blocks at 10th and South Street.

The party was three levels. I instantly looked for free booze. I ended up in the kitchen where bottles of alcohol graced the counters. Phil, Christine's boyfriend, and I immediately pour shots of whiskey. I sneak in another before I decided to explore the rest of the party.

"Well, didn't it just get so fucking hip in here?" says a husky alt. bro in the corner as he gives me evil eyes. "Yeah, it fucking did." I reply sharply. Amazed and slightly confused by the hostility of this 'punk rock' fucktard, I find myself on the roof deck. I feel my phone vibrating. It's Buddy. "Girl, where are you? This line is too long! You better come now." I locate my friends in the corner of the roof deck, by the keg, and kiss them goodbye. Meanwhile, my friend Erbert is calling to meet up and party darlings Dom and Kiema, are fastly approaching, 10th and South to pick up me and company.

After parking and a quick beer stop, we arrive to Pure. The line was insanely huge. We waited for about thirty minutes. I am greeted by KT of Broadzilla DJs at the door. "Free Ninety Nine!" he says. I give him a kiss on the cheek and proceed to party central. My lord above, I haven't experienced this surge of sweat and funk since the first Turbostation last year. This is where it begans to get fuzzy. I remember seeing my pal Russell in the bathroom and...

How did I lose all of my friends? Whatever, I'm drunk. I'm high. Let's dance. I eye Dom and Kiema a few people ahead of me. We get down for old time sakes. As 3:30am sneaks up on us. We decide to head back to Bloodbath' s for an intimate after party. We drink early morning margaritas and wipe the sleep from our eyes. I wipe my lips from saliva obtained by another individual. Come on ya'll. It's time for sleep. The sun has risen.

a drunken improv by Dom and Kiema after Making Time.

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