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Jun. 13th, 2008


yet another sweaty day

what a lovely start of the day. I wake up and it is actually not as hot as past days have been and i am excited.
Vagina tells me about a job fair for a new steven star restaurant that is hiring and i think oh hey i should go. Of course i take forever to get ready and we walk our stank asses down town and go and apply and get interviewed
on the spot and i think that it went kinda well but who know> Afterward we go and hang out at the park (me and vagina) and we try and decide what we are going to do tonight, silk or just chill. We decide on silk (it is the one year anni) so we head back to vajay"s its about 8ish and we make some cocktails and get crunked as usual and head over. We pull up to silk and it is a little before 11 and it is poppin, yikes i don"t know if i can deal with this right now. Whatever i go in and i dont see one face that i know but i deal with it and i wait to see a familiar face. About an hour passes and still no one that i know ugh i kinda want to leave even though the music is great. Hannah and Jackie walk in (my favorite girlies), I am ready to party now! We see our friend tony by the bathroom, now we are really ready to go. Dancing, laughing, singing, deshawn, and daquan happen all in the same hour (i am in heaven). Closing time at my peak (i can't go home right now). We head back to jackies (I am actually still there and writing this at the moment(4:42)) and of course more drinks and laughter ensue but my tired ass has to go to bed so i'm signing off and i'll talk to you later

Jun. 10th, 2008



We are currently experiencing a heatwave in Philadelphia. Sunday was the second day of intense heat. That didn't stop the party!

A two minute clip of Rye Rye from the Mad Decent Block Party. I just found this online. I had a video I took myself but it's not nearly as good as this one.

Here are some pictures I found on twoonefivemagazine.com and yapsnaps.com

I spy Mariah Gary and Jameson!

Best Outfit Award goes to this cutie.


My block party crush.

True, I'm being lazy with writing a complete synopsis of my day. Mojitos, lo mein, and vicodin were in the mix - it's kinda hazy, really. What more can I say but BEST FUCKING DAY OF THE SUMMER THUS FAR!

Jun. 5th, 2008



At first, I really thought that I would have the time and energy to update this every single time I partied like a rock star. So. Not. True. Between Spank Rock's birthday with Leif and Free Blood, Designer Drugs at LIVEFOREVER, and [click.], I wouldn't know where to start with forming thoughts or unearthing memories from those nights dead and gone. I will, however, get you caught up with my adventure at Snacks.

Snacks, by definition, are a light meals or food eaten between regular meals. In current Philadelphia night life culture, SNACKS is a bi-monthly party thrown by mastermind Dave P and his homeboy Adam Sparkles. SNACKS is some good shit, trust. But, after partying it up on a handful of Tuesdays with these guys, I've noticed that I always seem to find or make destructive trouble.

Tuesday night didn't seem like it was going to happen at all. I rushed home from work and instantly hit the pillow. My alarm chimed at a half past nine but I couldn't seem to shake sleep. I went back to dream world and promptly woke at eleven. Awesome, I thought, I can make it by midnight.

Dressed in whatever came out the dresser and closet first, I entered Woody's like a million bucks. I head straight to the bar. Vodka and pineapple as usual. The music is surging through my soul and I bee line to the dance floor. Siobhan, rowdy on her birthday, comes over to dance. PLOW! DROPDROPDROP THE GLASS! I instantly think that people think I'm wasted, as usual, and get over the fact my second drink of the night resides not in my tummy, but in the middle of the dance floor. Siobhan buys me another vodka and pineapple. It's damn near twice as strong as the one I had before. Sweet.

I dance a bit and drink a bit more. Damn, it's time to go. I did get there an hour before closing time, remember DeShawn? Drunk, I decide to continue my Tuesday night rager at Pure.

It's Tuesday so only the red room is open for play. I'm, surprisingly, not a member so I was looking for someone to buy me drinks. Instead, I am greeted with a handsome and stocky latino sir on my first trip to the bathroom. He wants to hang with me and Mr. Tony tonight. I find Mr. Tony. Papi and I have a ton of fun in the bathroom to right. Being a little aggressive, Papi was turning me off - a lot. In return, I took Mr. Tony and disappeared into the rain. I've told Tony that we can only hang out sometimes and only on the weekends. He told me to fuck off.

I've decided that I am suspended from Snacks. Snacks has caused nothing but chaos for me and several close friends. Sex. Drugs. Electro. Wait, that isn't so bad...

May. 31st, 2008


SUNDAY MAY 25, 2008

Finally, a real day off. My only day of the work week. Slouching around the house was a must. I'd planned to do so until my phone rang or it was time to meet up with the rest of Sgt. Sass. We we're playing the Barbary, after all.

My phone rings at a quarter to five. It's SB. He's at the Vango rooftop party that I'd been considering for most of the day, if slouchiness hadn't conquered my limbs and spirit. Time to get ready for the rest of the night.

I arrive at Vango. The bouncer is surprising friendly and doesn't even card me. I go up. The crowd isn't nearly what I had anticipated at all. Which, was a relief, because new faces are vital these days. I see SB instantly. He gets the grey goose and juice poppin'. I sort of linger in the shadows to speak, destorying my grey goose and juice with gigantic gulps.

After a half a hour, we take off. Onward to Rittenhouse where Travis Trouble, Mariah Gary, and Rickory Rickulous are hanging tough. We cut up for a bit and everyone disperses. I head over to Rich Boy's where he meets me with (more) vodka and a smile. It's getting late. I should be leaving for the Barbary exactly at 9:00 PM but I drink and bullshit a bit more.

Somehow and somewhere in between, I got really drunk. Now, I normally don't do this before I perform. I thought I would this time. Make it a challenge, I suppose. We went on around a quarter after midnight. The setlist was short and sweet. "Homo Homie", "Drop Da Glass", and "Faggot Snappin'". This had to be one of my favorite shows ever. Wasted, I still killed every line! After our set, it was a done deal. Time to continue down the highway to hell.

Steven Bloodbath and DeShawn Destruction at Vango

Fresh From Philly to the Galaxy...

Baby Ian

Lil' DT

Lil' DT and KD after our ten minute rapathon.

(images by Angelo Yap)

May. 26th, 2008


FRIDAY MAY 23, 2008

Yet, another day of hosting at Buca Di Beppo. Nine hours in total. My feet are killing me and I'm yawning every two minutes. The restaurant is damn near empty and all the other hosts are gone except for me. I sign online, which is technically prohibited, and crank up the AOL instant messenger. Kiema and I cut up virtual style for about a hour.

Finally, it's 11:00 pm. I hurry off to the bathroom and change. Nothing fancy. I make a final visit to the kitchen for the evening. There is a huge tray of fettuccine with grilled chicken breast, red peppers, and broccoli waiting for me. My intentions were to share it with Jameson before we danced it up at the C.R.E.A.M. party at Medusa's.

I call my pal Rich Boy on the way to Medusa's. I hadn't talked to him for about a week. True, I had been missing his sinful ways. After being scolded for not calling for a week, we finally meet up with Jameson outside of Medusa's where we all three pig out on the overly greasy deluxe fettuccine dinner.

We go inside. It's fairly empty. I'm really cool with it because I just wanna dance. Baltimore club is certainly one of my favorites to kill the dance floor to.

I spy Stevie B. and Jenny in the corner. I go over for my hugs. Stevie kindly buys me a vodka and pineapple. I get a little tipsy from just one drink. Jameson, Rich Boy, and I are dancing, having a grand gay old time when these three underage sorority sluts decide to stroll in. In typical sorority fashion (or the lack of) they were dressed in their sweatpants and cotton t-shirts. I was confused. I knew it was late but it wasn't bed time yet, was it? The ho with the long curly hair kept throwing herself into Jameson. Words were exchanged. They finally left. Seriously, you picked the three bitchiest faggots to fuck with that night. You and your boyfriends would have ate pavement.

Where to go? After party? Sure, I'm not tired. We take a walk through the gayborhood to remind ourselves we weren't missing much. On the way, we find a few treasures like friends, a skull 8 ball, and a dirty thong Rich chased Jameson and me with. Gross. Braulio Vegas phones. He and a bunch of people are going to Alan's in Chinatown. There is, apparently, a somewhat empty apartment and a whole handle of cheap vodka. I'm sold, obviously.

We arrive and it's all the pretty faces I love. Uncle French Fry is equipped with waffles to fry up and grub on. Jackie is wearing another outfit I want to borrow. Jean and Melissa are dressed classy with intentions of getting trashy. Christian is still handsome. Alan appears a bit messy.

We go up. The red walls are fitting for a Chinatown apartment. We end up in the empty kitchen. Some of us scatter to the roof. Suddenly, Braulio screams like he's just saw Lucifer in the flesh. A rat! A huge ass rodent that none of us wanted to see again. With the help of the rat and Alan's roommate, we end up in Alan's tiny room. Screaming and dancing to our favorite hip tunes; we're having a blast. I'm a bit much. Scratch that, I am overly sassy that night. A bitch should have went to bed directly after work but he didn't.

The sun is rising. Jameson and Braulio are missing. I take this as a cue for me to leave. I play catch up. We end up on Spring Garden. We dumpster through an old clothes drop off station. I score awesome finds. We finally catch the bus to take us up Delaware Ave. Finally, we're home. It's time for bed.

DeShawn Destruction, (Party) Jackie, Uncle French Fry, Rich Boy, Alan, Christian, Jean, Melissa, Jameson, and Braulio Vegas.

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